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Studies and experience

1992 Diploma in Osteopathy, by “CREDO”, Toulouse

The benefit to everyone treated in Osteopathy and Cranio-sacral therapy, made me aware of the primordial role personal history (bio-graphy) plays in illness and health. So every time I treat, I try to find clues which shows me that persons conducting thread, the development, the motivations, the handicaps and adjustments as much physical as psychological.

My conclusion was: to avoid ‘useless’ suffering (illness), I must hurry...

1999 – 2005 Educational work on caring for ‘adolescents in difficulty’ with my family, authorised by the “CONSEIL GENERAL OF AUDE” (Age: 14 – 18)

For six years, in caring for difficult adolescents (isolated from their own environment, within our own family) I tried with all modesty to participate in their ‘destinies’, sometimes not sure who was the teacher, who was the pupil. ‘Biography’, tragically bad memories and conflict emerged here too.

These years, so full of experiences and learning, helped me to deepen my interrogations about the mystery of human condition and find answers to many of them. My enhanced knowledge of the ways of human functioning on both a physiologic like psychological level and their underlying laws led me to called “the human parable” which is to be published in 2008.



2003 – 2007 Administrator of the association “LE PARCHEMIN”

My participation as an administrator in the Association “Le Parchemin” (founded 1991, in 2007: 56 employees) was a testing time, particularly with the first experience of “power games” among the other administrators. Through these difficulties I discovered the after-effect of the ‘abuse of power’ and learned tactics to deal with them.


2007 Diploma in Mediation, “MEDIATEURS ASSOCIES”, Bordeaux

Membership of the “Professional Chamber of mediation and negotiation”


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